Pi Network Coin Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

Pi Network Coin Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

As one of the pioneering ventures in the realm of mobile crypto mining, numerous investors seek insights into the potential trajectory of Pi Network's value, aiming to ascertain the viability of mining the token.

In this discourse, we shall delve into an extensive examination of the prevailing price of Pi coin, speculate on its future valuation, and deliberate on whether Pi stands out as a prime candidate for investment in the contemporary cryptocurrency landscape. Let's commence our exploration.

Pi Coin Price Prediction Summary

For investors simply looking for a brief rundown of the Pi network price prediction, we’ve summarized each year below.

For those investors seeking a concise overview of the Pi Network's projected price trends, we've outlined the anticipated values for each upcoming year.

  • End of 2024 – According to certain analyses, the Pi network token might potentially reach a value of $58 by the conclusion of 2024.
  • End of 2025 – If the Pi network ecosystem maintains its expansion momentum, projections suggest a valuation of approximately $73 by 2025.
  • End of 2030 – Looking ahead to the close of the decade, provided that the Pi network sustains its growth trajectory and fosters the development of numerous applications, the token could ascend to as high as $98.

History of the Price of Pi Coin

Examining the historical performance of Pi Coin presents some challenges due to the absence of launched mainnet, which limits access to previous price data. Nonetheless, despite this limitation, we can still draw insights from the project's operational trends over the past year, providing valuable context for analysis.

To begin, it's essential to grasp the distinctive operational mechanisms of Pi Coin, which diverge from conventional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Pi Coin introduces a novel approach, enabling users to mine cryptocurrency directly from their smartphones. The concept behind the Pi Network aims to democratize the mining process, fostering accessibility and convenience for a broad user base. With a notable milestone of over 30 million users reached at its peak, the Pi Network's innovative approach has evidently resonated with a substantial audience, underscoring its widespread appeal and success in the crypto sphere.

Rather than following the conventional path of launching through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Pi Coin has pursued a unique strategy by allowing users to mine coins on the testnet, with plans to transfer them to the mainnet upon its launch. This approach has facilitated the formation of a robust and devoted community, deeply invested in the project's success.

Pi Network Price Chart

To ensure optimal benefits for its earliest supporters, the Pi Team has implemented a strategic approach of incrementally halving mining rewards as specific milestones are reached. These milestones include surpassing 100,000 users, reaching 1 million users, and achieving 10 million users, with a final halving scheduled upon reaching the 100 million user mark. This approach not only incentivizes early adoption but also fosters sustained engagement and commitment among Pi Coin's user base.

Following its introduction to various cryptocurrency exchanges including Huobi, BitMart, HotCoin Global, Biconomy, SupeEX, and XT.com, Pi experienced significant momentum. This surge in activity, propelled by both the growing interest in Bitcoin and the intrinsic value of Pi itself, led to a remarkable price increase. Within a span of 24 hours in the waning days of 2022, Pi surged from $30 to its peak of $330.65, marking an all-time high. This meteoric rise was fueled by heightened anticipation surrounding the token, which had been steadily building over the preceding two years.

In January 2023, Pi experienced a notable decline from its peak, plummeting sharply to $44, only to rebound to $88 shortly thereafter. However, it subsequently underwent another drop, settling into an accumulation range around $48. Throughout the remainder of 2023, the token underwent further corrections, eventually reaching a bottom around $18 in May of that year.

Following this, the token ascended beyond $20 and maintained a trading range fluctuating between $20 and $27 until late August. During this period, it surged to attain a local peak of $57 before beginning a downward trend. Subsequently, it stabilized within a trading range spanning $30 to $40.

Pi Network Summary

  • Pi Coin was launched in 2019.
  • Currently, Pi lacks utility and won’t acquire any until the mainnet launch.
  • The Pi Network reached 100,000 users in June 2019 and hit 1 million users in April 2020.
  • By December 2021, Pi had amassed over 30 million users.
  • In December 2022, several exchanges introduced Pi 'IOUs', causing prices to surge.
  • Pi Network officially stated it has no affiliation with any exchange listings yet.
  • A closed mainnet was launched in December 2021.
  • Initial interest in Pi was substantial, leading to a spike in price to $330.65 at the end of 2022.
  • Pi subsequently experienced a rapid decline, dropping to a low of $18 in May, and has since stabilized within a trading range between $30 and $40.

Pi Coin Background

The launch of Pi Wallet and its active mining by nearly 40 million individuals generated significant excitement within the community. This buzz resulted in many individuals accumulating tokens with the intention of selling them once the token reached its peak value. This peak was achieved when the token surged to the $330.65 mark.

In the realm of cryptocurrency, market dynamics primarily hinge on supply and demand, setting the stage for a potential tug-of-war between these two factions upon the coin's release. Should buying pressure outweigh selling pressure, a substantial rally could ensue. Conversely, heightened selling pressure may dampen the price of Pi until these sellers exit the market.

Examining the Pi whitepaper offers insights into the coin's potential performance, detailing the calculation of its total supply through a combination of mining rewards, referral rewards, and developer rewards.

The significant hype surrounding Pi was underscored in late 2022 when several exchanges informally 'listed' the coin through IOUs. This led to a dramatic price surge of over 2,000%, with IOU Pi coins reaching peak prices exceeding $300 each. However, Pi Network clarified on social media that it hadn't authorized any exchange listings, cautioning followers that participation could result in losses.

The substantial price surge reflects the significant interest in the token. However, such rapid escalation inevitably triggered a substantial downturn, resulting in a significant loss of 78% of their value within a mere 3-day period.

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Pi Network Price Prediction for 2024:

The Pi network aims to establish a decentralized cryptocurrency smart contract network, enabling users to develop applications within the Pi network, with Pi miners serving as validators.

Currently trading within an accumulation range, it appears that the sell pressure has diminished. Although there's no precise information on the launch date of the Pi Open Mainnet, reports indicate that developers are diligently addressing final adjustments.

Upon the mainnet's launch, an increase in network users is anticipated, consequently driving up demand for the available tokens. As the network's dApps proliferate, user numbers are expected to soar, further bolstering token demand and typically exerting upward pressure on asset prices.

Drawing parallels with Ethereum, a leading altcoin, its historical growth trajectory serves as a reference. By October 2018, Ethereum boasted approximately 44 million unique wallets and a market cap of around $25 billion, with a token value of $200, following its launch at $1.222—a remarkable surge of 16,266%.

Despite Pi's unofficial launch on cryptocurrency exchanges amid significant excitement, peaking at $330.65 before retracing, the token is currently valued at $31.46. Speculations suggest a potential price range of $58 by year-end, though it could also retreat to as low as $18.

Pi Coin Price Prediction for 2025:

In 2025, a significant influx of developers may gravitate towards the Pi ecosystem due to its decentralized framework, cost-effective transactions, and energy-efficient attributes. Depending on the prevailing crypto landscape, this could potentially trigger a substantial surge in the Pi Network price.

If Pi continues to gain traction among developers in 2025, leading to the deployment of dApps that attract users to the blockchain, we anticipate a consequent increase in token demand and potentially, token price. It's essential to consider that Pi network will continue to emit tokens until the launch of the open mainnet and beyond. Should the rate of token emissions outpace the growth rate of Pi network users, surpassing token demand, this could adversely affect the price. Given the competition from numerous other layer 1 blockchains vying for users, this scenario remains plausible.

Hence, for 2025, our conservative Pi Network price prediction stands at $28, with a bullish forecast projecting a high of $73.

Pi Network Price Prediction for 2030:

Looking ahead to 2030, we anticipate that the circulation of Pi tokens will reach its cap as the project strives to achieve its goal of 100 million users. Presently, the team has not disclosed whether mining rewards will be phased out in favor of an alternative consensus mechanism or if another ongoing reward system will be implemented.

Some analysts project an annual compound average growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 11.1% for the global cryptocurrency market. If we conservatively estimate that Pi Network could grow at slightly over half of this rate, our Pi Network coin price prediction suggests a potential high of $98 by 2030, with lows around $35.

Forecasting the price movements of cryptocurrencies remains inherently uncertain, but many analysts rely on technical indicators to predict the future of these digital assets. Additionally, given Bitcoin's status as the largest cryptocurrency, its health and price trajectory typically exert significant influence over other prominent altcoins.

Is Pi Coin the Best Crypto currency to Invest in Today?

While Pi Coin presents an intriguing project with potential for future performance, it's currently only accessible for purchase as an 'IOU', rendering it technically unavailable for investment without signing up to the network and engaging in Pi mining. However, after thorough research, we've identified another early-stage project that has already emerged as one of the premier crypto presales of the year.

When Will Pi Coin Launch?

Pi Coin's Open Mainnet is slated for a 2024 launch, although a specific date has yet to be announced. Speculations suggest a launch window between March and June, possibly in Q2 2024. The Pi Network team officially outlined their plans for the Open Mainnet phase in a blog post dated December 27, 2023, highlighting its potential to unlock the Pi blockchain's full capabilities while refraining from specifying a precise launch date.

Is Pi Coin Worth Anything?

Presently, Pi coins are not tradable and it won't be until the mainnet is gonna activated. However, certain exchanges offer users the option to trade Pi IOUs, representing a commitment to repay borrowed funds.

Over the past year, the price of Pi coin IOUs has experienced a significant decline, dropping by 37.81%. While this may provide some insight into the potential trading value of Pi Coins upon accessibility, it does not guarantee the value of Pi Coin.


In this guide, we've conducted a comprehensive examination of the Pi Coin project, offered our Pi Coin price prediction, and discussed an alternative crypto project exhibiting substantial promise.

Although Pi Coin 'IOUs' have experienced price surges on various exchanges, it's essential to remember that the project itself has not authorized any listings and has advised users against participation. However, for those interested in investing in Pi, utilizing a trusted exchange such as MEXC allows for the purchase of 'IOU' tokens in anticipation of the Open Mainnet launch later this year.

Pi Network Price Prediction FAQs

What is the projected value of Pi Coin in 2024?

The developers of Pi Coin aim to release the Open Mainnet in Q2 of 2024. Consequently, it is anticipated that the price range will vary between $18 and $58.

What is the estimated value of Pi in 2025?

By 2025, with the maturation of the Pi Coin Open Mainnet and the launch of numerous planned dApps, the Pi Network ecosystem and utility are expected to expand. Based on our prediction, Pi coin's value may range from $28 to $73, depending on its performance.

What is the potential value of Pi Coin in 2030?

Though providing an accurate estimate for such a distant future is challenging, as the global acceptance of cryptocurrency increases, Pi Coin could potentially trade between $60 and $500.

What was the initial price of Pi Coin?

Pi Coin debuted at $12.9 and subsequently reached highs of $330.65. Presently, it is trading within the range of $30 to $40.

What is the highest price ever reached by Pi Coin?

Pi's peak price was $330.65, which occurred shortly after the introduction of Pi 'IOUs' on various exchanges. Currently, it is trading within the $30 to $40 range.

Is Pi Coin considered a viable investment?

Pi Coin offers several advantages; however, recent doubts have arisen regarding its initial mining fundamentals, particularly with the shift towards proof-of-stake in the cryptocurrency landscape. Nevertheless, the development of an Open Mainnet is in progress, with its release anticipated in Q2 of 2024, an event typically associated with a positive impact on coin price.

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